Banpu Power Trading G.K.
A subsidiary of Banpu


The Japanese energy trading company
at the heart of innovation, technology,
and sustainability.

We are experts in power trading
based on
international know-how
and experience.

Wide range of businesses

Banpu Power Trading G.K. was established in 2018 as a subsidiary of
Banpu group which is an International Versatile Energy Provider.
BPPT‘s core business is the supply of special and high-voltage electricity,
and its trading activities range from wholesale electricity trading
and emission allowance trading to derivatives trading.

Fine-tuned and flexible pricing

Our team consists of professionals with engineering,
trading, and finance backgrounds.
We can provide
tailor-made support, thanks to our international
knowledge, including the Banpu Group, and our network of
local and international traders and exchanges, and brokers.

Extensive track record
of transactions

We supply electricity to a wide range of industries in its nationwide supply area, including office buildings,
water treatment plants, universities, hospitals, hotels, and post offices.

Past track record of transactions

  • Japan Meteorological Agency
  • Nara purification centre
  • University of Yamanashi
  • National Institute of Advanced Industrial
    and Technology (Tsukuba West area)
  • Saitama city hospital
  • Sakai city waterworks and sewerage bureau
  • Nagoya medical centre
  • Employment Security Bureau, Ministry of
    Health Labour
    and Welfare, Kamishakujii
    government office
  • Promotion for private schools of Japan,
    Mutual aid corporation (Tokyo Garden palace)

and others

About Banpu
Power Trading GK

Banpu Power Trading GK, a subsidiary of Banpu, was founded in 2018 to supply electricity to High Voltage and Extra High Voltage consumers in Japan with a team of experienced energy professionals and unparalleled backgrounds in engineering, trading, and finance. We engage local overseas partners and service providers with track records in the energy markets across Europe, the US, and Japan together with a network of regional and global traders, exchanges and brokers. While the Japanese electricity retail market is reasonably competitive, the wholesale market still needs to be developed. We position ourselves clearly to promote this.

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Company Profile

Company Name Banpu Power Trading G.K.
Date of establishment 23rd August 2018
Capital 100 million JPY
Location P.O. Box No. 116, 33rd Floor, Kasumigaseki Building, 3-2-5 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-6205-4665
FAX 03-6205-4689
Licenses 1.Retail Electricity supplier (Registration No. A0603)
2.Japan Electric Power Exchange member
3.TOCOM Energy Markets member
1.March 2019
2.June 2019
3.August 2019
Power supply configuration
  1. Wholesale power exchange 49.06%
  2. Others 50.94%
  1. This includes hydropower, thermal, nuclear, FIT electricity, and energy from renewable sources.
  2. Electricity procured from power stations that cannot be identified is treated as "others".
CO2 emission factor Our CO2 emission factor (Adjusted emission factor) is 0.529kg - CO2 / kWh *

*Figures submitted to the secretariat for confirmation of emission factors by electricity utilities as of 7th January 2022
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